Powerline Testing - Safety Classes
Powerline Aerial Equipment Testing & Inspection L.L.C. - "Everyone Goes Home Safe"
Powerline A.E.T.I. Safety Classes

Powerline Testing & Ky Mitchell are in the business of safety. We feel that the knowledge of a certified inspector should be shared with the line men and women, who are actually working with the equipment every day. 
That's why we wanted to share the day-to-day knowledge of visual inspections, that can save your team members lives as well as cut down the cost of repairs. Our quick class can be done during your regular safety meetings, at any location. If possible, we ask that a bucket truck or digger derrick be present, in order to allow us to include a hands on/visual demonstration during the class. 
We know that with high demands and busy schedules, that it is at times an inconvenience for utility workers to do a lengthy walk around. Our class wants to key in on the main problem areas of an aerial lift, while allowing your employees to gain knowledge to ensure the safety of themselves as well as the men and women around them.
We appreciate our power line men and women, and want to take the time to thank you for keeping our power on, while risking it all for our comfort.
Thanks for the Team at Powerline A.E.T.I!