Powerline Testing - Rubber Goods
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Powerline Testing Rubber Goods Lab & Mobile Rubber Goods Lab

High Voltage Rubber Goods Dielectric Testing   Powerline's test lab is conveniently located in Portales New Mexico 30 miles from the Texas border.

   With option to clean and dielectric test your primary pieces of protection, we offer the newest test procedures and technology to track and test your rubber products. 

Inspected and Tested Rubber Gloves
  Powerline Testing offers the options to test your rubber goods with AC or DC voltage, and option to clean your protective equipment with a process that is non abrasive to your rubber goods. When drying the rubber goods, we also use a non abrasive static drying room. 

High Voltage Mobile Rubber Goods Test Lab   Powerline Testing makes tracking and inventory a non-issue. With each test the product is stamped with a serial number that stays with that product through out its life span.

   We believe at Powerline AETI Testing Laboratory that through superior service and state of the art equipment we can do our part to keep you safe.