Powerline Testing - Inspection Services
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"Let us be the one stop for all your dielectric testing and inspection needs"

Powerline Testing IS the standard for quality in the field of dielectric testing and inspections.
Bucket Truck, Digger Derrick, and Small Crane Inspections and Testing

             Based on OSHA/ANSI Standards Services include:

  • Detailed visual and operational inspection of the following:
  • Magnetic Particle Testing of Critical Welds
  • Ultrasonic Testing of Accessible Pins
  • Dielectric Testing
  • Dielectric Testing of Liners
  • Load Testing
  • Magnetic Particle/Ultrasonic Testing
  • Dielectric Oil Sample Testing
  • The option of Dielectric Testing Only
  • Dielectric Testing of Liners
  • Fork Lift/Lift Inspections
  • Pressure Digger Inspections with Dielectric Testing
  • Complete Visual and Operational Inspection of the Following Areas:
  • Outriggers, Chassis, Pedestal, Rotation Bearing, Turntable, Lower Boom, Elbow, Upper Boom (Extenstion), and Platform (bucket)

Other Testing & Inspection Services:

  • Testing of Hot Sticks (any length)
  • Flat rate per stick despite length of hot stick
  • External Cleaning and Waxing of Sticks
  • Testing of Mechanical Jumpers Insulation & Continuity
  • Testing of Grounds
  • Rubber Coating cleaning upon request

Defect report given on-site the day our testing and inspections have concluded.
Powerline Aerial Equipment Testing & Inspection is also certified to conduct DOT inspections for locations in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Colorado.
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